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Summary of September 25, 2021 Meeting with Lynne M. Spreen




I used to call this talk, “Write a Book in a Month with Nanowrimo.” That was before the 2020 experience, and what we all learned together. 


Summary of August 28, 2021 Poetry Meeting with Howard Feigenbaum


Hard to believe this was the sixth year we’ve held this popular event!


Summary of July 24, 2021 Meeting with Mary St. John – Putnam


Mary St. John – Putnam with husband David Putnam
July 24, 2021


“Don’t do it if it isn’t fun.” What sounded like a throw-away comment stuck with me. It was about deciding where to spend your online marketing time and energy. The more I thought about it, the more brilliant it seemed. That and more in this summary of our July Guild meeting, below >>>>>


Summary of June 26, 2021 Meeting with Dennis Conrad


Dennis Conrad
June 26, 2021


There’s a vibrant and growing market for children’s books. Dennis Conrad met with us recently to share tips, tricks, and strategies for writing and marketing your works. Read on for more information.


Summary of May 22, 2021 Meeting with Michelle D. Dalrymple


Michelle Deerwester Dalrymple
May 22, 2021



We’re still meeting virtually on Zoom. As soon as we hear from the Hemet Public Library that we can again meet IRL, we’ll let you know. For now, enjoy this recap of our May meeting on Zoom.



Summary of April 24, 2021 Meeting with Robert Martin


Robert Martin of City Limits Publishing in Nashville, Tennessee was our guest speaker, and he had a lot to say about the book publishing industry.


Video link to March 27, 2021 Meeting with Kathi Macias


Editing our own work is a tricky proposition. Sometimes it’s helpful to know what you don’t know. To be aware of our own blind spots with regard to our writing. At this meeting, we were lucky enough to have an industry pro come and talk to us about the challenges of assessing and revising our own writing.


Video link to Feb. 27, 2021 Meeting with Fauzia Burke


Fauzia Burke
Feb. 27, 2021

Writers write, but authors must also spread the word about their works. Most of us hold our noses and do it, but at this meeting, the wryly cheerful Fauzia Burke reassured us we could do our work and not hate it. In fact, we should do what makes us happy. This was delightful to hear. Read on for more.


Video link to Jan. 23, 2021 Meeting with Tim Riter


Tim Riter
Jan. 23, 2021

Happy new year, everyone! You have a clean slate, lots of runway. Let’s get going and accomplish something writerly in 2021! (more…)

Video link to Oct. 24, 2020 Meeting

There’s something about being with a bunch of friends, united by our love of writing, even if we can’t be together in the same room. Our October meeting, the last of the year, was bittersweet, because we were unable to meet in person again, and it appears that’ll be the case for months to come.