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Books by Guild Members


The Diamond Valley Writers’ Guild is proud to feature publications by Guild members on this page. Books are listed alphabetically by author last name. Some authors may have published more books than are shown. For more information, check their Amazon.com author page.

(Click on book to go to author’s page on Amazon.com)

Dixie Ayala 5  Dixie Ayala 4.jpg  Dixie Ayala 6   Life's Kaleidoscope 2Broken boxesCharlier Gracie


Fabris 1   Fabris 2    Feigenbaum 1   Feigenbaum 11    Feigenbaum 22

how-to-cook-a-turkey   Feigenbaum 44   Gurney

Courage - Hitt      Carny (2)     BearsShark Bait Adventure Series no. 1

the_diamond_ship_cover_for_kindle    Going to Blossom   Beyond Blossom

klb-kindle-ready-front-cover   Dakota blues cover image with award    MAC   J Mansfield   Bob Hope   J Garner

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