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Avoid Limping Love Scenes

legs-459660_1920Recently, I read to my critique group, and they started hootin’ and howlin’ like a bunch of drunken teenage girls. All because of my candy-ass sex scene.


How to Create Compelling Characters



Without a compelling main character, your writing will fall flat. Here are three fun and easy ways to enhance them. (more…)

6 Tips for Writers

painter-981876_1920 As a writer, you are an artist.  (more…)

Do You Ever Run Out of Ideas? Here’s a Tip.

old-door-1170585_1280I have to be honest. I have more ideas than I have years left in my life, even if I live to be 100. (more…)

5 Steps to Creating a Great Audiobook


If you’re thinking of doing this, the cost can be daunting. (more…)

Easy Way to Add Character Traits

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000046_00068]

How do you create well-rounded characters? Here’s a tip for making it easy. (more…)

You Finished Your Book. Now What?

dog with specsA writer approached me at a conference. “I just finished my manuscript,” he said. “But I don’t know what to do next.” (more…)

Why You Need a Killer Logline

novel, writer, author, self-publish, indie

You’ve completed your manuscript. Congratulations! What’s the book about?  (more…)

Fabulous Editing Tip – Use Your Kindle

13-04-26 Lilac Garden-27Greetings, Writers! Here’s a fabulous editing trick that works like a charm: after saving your latest draft, read it on Kindle. No, you don’t have to publish it as a book to do this, and it’s a great way to edit your WIP (Work In Progress).  (more…)