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Video link to Sept. 26, 2020 Meeting


Summer’s over and time is passing. Are your tired of watching the months go by with no new book under your belt? Frustrated by a lack of productivity? Do you envy those writers who crank out book after book while it seems to take you years to produce one? The Diamond Valley Writers’ Guild has a solution.

This year, take the NaNoWriMo challenge!

Join millions of other writers worldwide who use NNWM to produce a 50,000-word manuscript during the month of November. Whether you end up with a good first draft or simply break out of a rut, whether you’re a plotter or a pantser, and whether you’re writing fiction or non-, the NaNoWriMo experience will empower you as a writer.

Using NNWM, Lynne M. Spreen has produced three full-length novels. Although she is a dedicated plotter, her presentation is geared for pantsers as well.

The actual program begins at 22:54. 


For more about the Guild, including frequent tips and interactions with fellow writers, check out our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/diamondvalleywritersguild/

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