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Summary of August 24, 2019 Meeting


Did you have any idea you would end this meeting listening to a poem in Sanskrit set to music? Wasn’t it unexpected and beautiful?

Howard Feigenbaum

But it’s an example of why our annual Celebration of Poetry — our 4th — is so appreciated. The event was presented by the witty and urbane Howard Feigenbaum, who brought together a collection of readers who shared their own original works or those of others. We ranged from laughter to near-tears as poets played with our emotions, reminding us of the vast amount of talent and creativity in our membership. The meeting was well-attended, with thirty-five people in the audience.

Karen Robertson

In the bustle of everyday life, it’s hard to find a quiet moment to indulge in a poem, but at our August meeting, we had license. What a treat.

Many thanks to those who stepped up to share the works that moved them. Our deepest appreciation to Howard for organizing the readers and adding his own level of art to the meeting, and to Karen Robertson for presiding in my absence.

Late add: in the spirit of the day, Karen amended my MC notes, changing them to poetry. Here’s a sample. What a champ. Thanks, Karen!

Floral PNG

Karen Robertson’s MC Notes for August 24, 2019

Welcome to the Diamond Valley
Writers’ Guild.
It’s for writers who are becoming
amazingly skilled.

Today is the 4th annual Poetry
You’ll be glad you came
and not on vacation.

Lynne Spreen sent some notes
for me to read
Important announcements
that you all need.

It is with deepest regret
that she’s not here
She’s speaking at a sister guild,
and they promised her beer.

I’m kidding of course,
she’s at the Ontario group
California Writer’s Club
is getting the scoop.

Okay, some notes about
the September meeting.
Two authors from Las Vegas
you’ll be greeting (I’ll give you more info later).

Straitjackets editor
may have something to say,
Cheryl McGuire,
have your own way

An update from Valerie,
of Interrobangs
One of many
writing gangs

Writing tip from
notorious Jim Hitt,
An award-winning author
with knowledge and wit.

So who has finished
a project proud
And would like to tell us
all real loud.

Writing, editing,
publishing too
I’ll gladly share
the mic with you.

Legends of Wildomar
what about tickets
We’ve got to fill seats
or it’s a sticky wicket.

It is an annual tradition
Headed up by Feigenbaum
To laud all manner poetry
From silly to a psalm.

He’s a poet, photographer,
And author too
Now he will moderate
And welcome poetry from you.

And now please welcome
Poet Laureate Howard
He’s always fun
and I think he showered.

Thank you all for
Your contribution
A big hand for Howard
For poetry restitution

Now sashay to Emilio’s for
A Mexican Lunch
San Jacinto Blvd
Is where we bunch

If you need directions
Just ask anyone
It’s always good food
And lots of fun.

Floral PNG

Submit Your Work to Straitjackets Magazine

Screenshot 2019-08-19 at 4.55.05 AM

We are so proud of our literary publication, Straitjackets Magazine. If you would like to submit an essay, chapter, short story, poem, or other work, please click here for submission guidelines.

Election Reminder

As stated at the meeting, we’ll hold elections at the October meeting for two positions on the DVWG Board of Directors: President and Treasurer. For more information about the process or the positions, please click here for Guild Bylaws.


September Guild Meeting Announcement


The Importance of Structure in Fiction and Creative Nonfiction

presented by

Sandra Schuster-Hubbard, MS


Sandra Schuster-Hubbard

Imagine building a house without a blueprint. That would be crazy.

Yet many of us set off on our writing journey without a solid idea of story structure. At some point, we run into a wall. We call it writer’s block, get discouraged, and consider giving up.

The real problem may be that your story lacks structure. Structure is the foundation and the framework of a novel. It helps stories “hang together” and make sense.

Readers need structure to understand what they’re reading, and feel something as a result. Without structure, your story may fail.

At this meeting, Sandra will share the following helpful points:

  • Why plot and structure are not the same thing.
  • The five most common structures used in modern fiction or creative nonfiction
  • Resources for finding the right story structure for you.

Sandra is a popular speaker who has authored and co-authored thirteen books. She is a memoirist who serves as DVWG Vice President. Join us for a vibrant discussion of structure basics!

See you Saturday, September 28, 2019





This blog post was prepared by Lynne Spreen, President of the DVWG. Lynne writes women’s fiction with romantic themes. You may access her website here and her books here.

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