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Summary of July 27, 2019 Meeting


Our July meeting was one of the best ever. Was I surprised.

I admit it. I didn’t think the idea would fly. Somewhat like a cocktail party, I thought inviting a bunch of introverted writers to come and socialize was a non-starter. I thought the program might be confusing (five tables with moderators all focusing on a certain topic for 20 minutes, at which point Marj would call time and we’d move to another table). But my team was enthusiastic, and I wanted to be supportive. I brought a bunch of cookies and muffins and pastries, along with Starbucks coffee. Marj Charlier brought a charcuterie plate that put the above photo to shame. And I crossed my fingers.

Wow, no need to worry! A half-hour before the meeting, the room was already filling. Folks offered to help set up. The mood was upbeat. The front table, where Dixie handed out name tags, was mobbed.

As a moderator, I asked each new group at my table (“Marketing”) if they found the format to their liking. Oh, yes, they said. “I’m getting to know people,” and “I’m learning a lot,” were familiar responses.

What a success! There were 32 people at the meeting, 24 of whom continued the conversation at Emilio’s, where we enjoyed lunch. Everybody was happy to have the chance to get to know each other better. People were networking and connecting. The strategy (I was going to say “ruse”) of having table topics served as a conversation starter. Topics included Writer’s Block, Time Management, Marketing, Genre and Inspiration, and Plotting/Pantsing/Plantsing.

The overall reaction was very positive. Our members loved it, and five moderators had a good time, too. As one of them, I only wish I had had the opportunity to sit in at the other four tables. I hope we can repeat this program every year. We can do new topics as desired.

Thanks to everyone who helped make the meeting such a success, from the planners to the doers to the members and guests who participated wholeheartedly. Congratulations to Kara Paulson, who won the bookbag (handcrafted by Marj Charlier) filled with books donated by authors and members. We are definitely a community, united by love for the art and business of writing, and growing stronger every day.


August Guild Meeting Announcement


4th Annual Appreciation of Poetry

with Discussion and Readings

presented by Howard Feigenbaum

August 24, 2019

Howard Feigenbaum photo

Does poetry still matter? In this busy, fast-changing world, what is the role of poetry for the average person? How are we supposed to understand it? Can anybody write it?

At this gathering, Howard Feigenbaum, poet, photographer, and author of the Benny Goldfarb Private “I” series, will lead a discussion about the beauty, history, and importance of poetry in modern life. Audience members are invited to read* a poem or two, written by themselves or others, and share why the selection is meaningful to them. The audience is encouraged to ask questions, make their own observations, or simply relax and enjoy the experience of hearing poetry read with the enthusiasm and emotion intended by the writer.

*Please contact Howard by email to let him know if you’d like to like to read: Feigenbaum@SBCGlobal.net




This blog post was prepared by Lynne Spreen, President of the DVWG. Lynne writes women’s fiction with romantic themes. You may access her website here and her books here.


  1. judithfabris says:

    I so hated to miss last Sat. meeting. I hope you will do another one

    Liked by 1 person

  2. We have to! It was very well-received. Sorry you had to miss.


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