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Summary of June 22, 2019 Meeting

Come on, be honest. Do you ever get bored with your own writing? If so, I hope you were at the June meeting of the Diamond Valley Writers’ Guild.

Helga Schier, Editor and Speaker

This is because our speaker, professional editor Helga Schier, enlightened us. In her presentation, More than Just Talk: Painting a Scene with Dialogue and Narration, Helga shared a wealth of ideas for creating compelling scenes. Here are a few notes I scribbled as I thought of more and more questions to ask her.

  1. Small talk and happy talk are boring. There should always be tension in dialogue.
  2. Tension doesn’t have to originate in a big, bad situation. The differences in what the characters want may be minor or serious.
  3. While dialogue is the character’s way to maintain a facade, the narration is the writer’s way to expose it.

For those of you who signed her mailing list, she has by now shared her presentation with you via email, so you can review those tips at your leisure. Helga says,

“If you visit my website, withpenandpaper.com, you’ll find a few interviews and a white paper on Top Ten Mistakes as a free download. I’d love to stay in touch. Please contact me any time. Often a quick conversation provides insight and inspiration. And naturally I’d be happy to help develop and/or edit your manuscript…”

Thanks again, Helga, for helping us become more proficient writers.


July Guild Meeting Announcement


What Do You Do When…?


The Diamond Valley Writers Guild has always been a social organization first, and a professional guild second. It’s a friendly place to get together with fellow writers, hear great speakers, and talk about your achievements and milestones.

At our July meeting, you will have the chance to ask your fellow members for their advice about things that are stumping you and talk with each other about what you write.

Let’s call it “musical tables.” You’ll join four 20-minute discussions at different tables (hurry!) during the morning, to discuss topics such as:

  • What to do about writer’s block?
  • Your greatest marketing idea ever?
  • What inspires you to write poetry?
  • Have your characters taken over your manuscript?
  • Is this a genre or am I writing literary fiction?
  • Will I ever meet my goals—and are they reasonable?
  • What are your secrets to research for non-fiction?
  • Anything else on your mind!

And even better—there’ll be refreshments!  We’ll have breakfast ready: pastries, fruit, charcuterie, coffee, juice and tea.

All attendees will be entered into the drawing for a huge bookbag full of DWVG-member books! You must be present to win!

You won’t want to miss the fun! That’s Saturday, July 27, 2019, 9:30 – 11:30 a.m., at the Hemet Public Library, 300 E. Latham, Hemet CA. Free and open to the public.




This blog post was prepared by Lynne Spreen, President of the DVWG. Lynne writes women’s fiction with romantic themes. You may access her website here and her books here.

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