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Summary of June 23, 2018 Meeting

poppies-3422252_640What a privilege to be able to listen to and learn from our expert speakers, Greta Boris and Joe De Ladurantey. Many thanks to George Gurney, the Guild’s Vice President, for making their appearance possible.

Greta and Joe photo

Joe and Greta are published authors with many titles to their names. They’re also accomplished, interesting, and fun. Joe is a former police chief, and he is currently an author, audiobook narrator, and host of his own radio show. Greta is an author, writing instructor, and the Director of O.C. Writers, a community of over 900 published and aspiring authors in Orange County, California.

Joe’s presentation was entitled The Felonies of Writing, appropriate since he worked in law enforcement, his career culminating as police chief for two California cities. He was kind enough to shared his entire powerpoint slide show here, and I recommend viewing it to see his recommendations for writing and polishing a powerful story. Joe is also a narrator with ACX, so if you’re looking for a narrator for your next audiobook, his profile is here. You can listen to samples of his narrations, too.

Greta spoke about character development in Part One of her Plot Menu. In particular, she described using the Enneagram system to create characters. As someone who uses that system, I can tell you it saves hours trying to invent people to populate your manuscript. For more on the Plot Menu, click here. And click here to see the rest of her site and the other tools available to support your writing.

To see their Amazon Author Pages and buy their books or leave reviews click here for Greta Boris and here for Joe De Ladurantey.

Writing Tips Presented by Jim Hitt

Although the Guild is a social gathering place for writers, we’re always eager to improve our craft. To that end, Jim Hitt presents a monthly feature, Writing Tips. At today’s meeting, Jim shared strategies for developing character names, as well as a handout on that topic. Click here to see or download your copy. 



presented by Lynne M. Spreen

Lynne Spreen


Are you interested in publishing an audiobook but don’t know where to start? Worried you’ll miss out on this large and growing market? With ACX and Audible.com, you’ll find the tools to turn your novel into an audiobook without much effort or expense–in fact, for free.

Lynne M. Spreen has produced several audiobooks using this method. At this meeting, she’ll describe the process of:

  • Creating an ACX.com account, uploading your manuscript, and finding a narrator
  • Supervising the production process, and
  • Marketing your finished audiobook

Join us for this informative and motivating presentation, Saturday, July 28, 2018 from 9:30 – 11:30 am at the Hemet Public Library, 300 E. Latham St., Hemet CA 92543






1 Comment

  1. Jim Misko says:

    Great report dear lady.

            We should share speakers like this. I think they would both be great for our Guild and we have some great ones comes next season too. I’m sure you’ve seen our lineup.

            Do you pay for your speakers? Do these two come for free? We could sure use some locals for our low attendance months like Sept, Oct, May and June. Where we don’t have to pay big fees to attract them.

            Good to see your smiling face at the end of it too. I’m gonna call you about your audio books as my publisher is just getting into that after I pestered them.

            Just got my royalty statement; sold 1,066 books this last year. Not bad, but not good enough to get to my goal of 100,000 for an annual sales report. Onward and upward I go. Yipeee…..   

            May it go well with my favorite Diamond Valley writer.  Alaska Jim

    Jim Misko, novelist

    7231 Meadow Street

    Anchorage, Alaska 99507

    907-243-5523 or 907-562-2520



    From: Diamond Valley Writers’ Guild Reply-To: Diamond Valley Writers’ Guild Date: Wednesday, June 27, 2018 at 7:16 AM To: Jim Misko Subject: [New post] Summary of June 23, 2018 Meeting

    Diamond Valley Writers’ Guild posted: “What a privilege to be able to listen to and learn from our expert speakers, Greta Boris and Joe De Ladurantey. Many thanks to George Gurney, the Guild’s Vice President, for making their appearance possible. – – Joe and Greta are published authors “


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