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Summary of April 28, 2018 Meeting


We often invite speakers from outside our membership to come and talk to us, and that’s really beneficial and much appreciated. But it’s also good to hear from our members, many of whom are experienced writers, authors, and publishers. We benefit in two ways: we gain knowledge about craft, and we learn about our fellow writers. After all, the Guild is a social club.


Suzanne Y. Saunders (Click on photo to see her Author Page on Amazon.)

Many thanks to Suzanne Saunders for taking voluminous notes from the meeting. It’s a task I normally handle, but our attendance has grown enough that questions from the audience must be augmented by microphone, so I clasp on my Fitbit and run around the room handing the mic to folks. I appreciate having a note-taker, and if anybody wants to volunteer for that, let me know.

Also thanks to Sandra Schuster-Hubbard, who subbed for Jim Hitt in presenting our Writing Tips segment. This is a brief (5-10 minute) preso about good craft practice. Sandy’s talk had to do with the importance of making sure dialogue moves the story forward or reveals aspects of character. She provided a handout, Sol Stein’s Ten Points Worth Considering when Writing Dialogue. Click on the link to download and print, if you didn’t receive one at the meeting.

Author Leslie Ann Bosher brought flowers for her beta readers Cindy Finkelstein and Linda Swingle. Marj Charlier (Board Treasurer) provided a handout entitled Working with Beta Readers. Click to download. It was a good time to spotlight writers helping writers, as April 28 is “Pay It Forward Day.”

Don Smith of the Dorland Mountain Arts Colony sent me a flyer letting us know that Table Manners will have another reading on Saturday, June 16, 2018, from 1 – 3pm. If you’d like more information, either to attend, read, or have your excerpt read aloud, click here to see the flyer.

Creating Characters, not Caricatures

Eve Gaal, Arch Font, and Cindy Tesar

Our panel was moderated by Melissa Eiselein. Melissa is a writer, a member of the Guild, and the Recording Secretary on our Board of Directors. She brought a Flat Stanley figure to represent characters who are only two-dimensional. Melissa mentioned three dimensions of character (outer appearance, inner workings, and backstory).

Don’t let me into your writing!

Panelists Eve Gaal, Arch Font, and Cindy Tesar are all published authors who spoke about their characters—where they found them, how they develop, what constituted their arcs. Melissa brought great questions to ask the panel, and as a result, it was interesting to hear about their experiences. Eve Gaal brought a handout, How to Make a Fictional Character and Sources for Backstory. If you didn’t get a copy, click to download.

As always, there was a lot of back-and-forth between our panel and the audience, which is the whole point of our meetings. Afterward, folks hung around, buying books, talking to the authors, and just visiting. We eventually adjourned to Emilio’s restaurant in San Jacinto for a fabulous lunch.


Next Month’s Meeting

Choosing Your Path to Success: Keys to Self-Publication

with Marj Charlier

Choosing your path to publication is clear – if not easy – once you answer five basic questions. Marj will discuss the decisions you’ll make as a self-publisher and demystify everything about publishing from “ISBN” to “chapbook.”

Over the past six years, Marj Charlier has gone from being a first-time self-publisher to a leader of workshops on self-publishing in California and the Midwest, decoding for hundreds of new authors the arcane vocabulary of the publishing industry.

As a hybrid publisher and member of the Independent Book Publishers Association, Marj manages everything from copyediting to cover design to interior formatting. Come May 26 with your questions and discover the path to publication that’s right for you.

For more information about Marj, her writing, and her publication services, click on the photo.

This blog post was prepared by Lynne Spreen, President of the DVWG. Lynne writes midlife fiction, because she believes we learn 

and grow continuously throughout our lives. You may access her website here and her books here.


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  1. Jim Misko says:

    Good work young lady. We owe each other a 2 hour luncheon chat next season.

            May it go well with you—always.  Alaska Jim

    Jim Misko, novelist

    7231 Meadow Street

    Anchorage, Alaska 99507

    907-243-5523 or 907-562-2520



    From: Diamond Valley Writers’ Guild Reply-To: Diamond Valley Writers’ Guild Date: Tuesday, May 1, 2018 at 9:29 AM To: Jim Misko Subject: [New post] Summary of April 28, 2018 Meeting

    Diamond Valley Writers’ Guild posted: ” – We often invite speakers from outside our membership to come and talk to us, and that’s really beneficial and much appreciated. But it’s also good to hear from our members, many of whom are experienced writers, authors, and publishers. “


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