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Summary of February 24, 2018 Meeting


Many thanks to Angela Bole, CEO of the Independent Book Publishers Association, who traveled from Manhattan Beach to talk about industry standards for a professionally published book.

Ms. Bole also spoke about the benefits of membership in the IBPA. Her well-informed, warm demeanor conveyed a great deal of important information while interacting with her audience, and we thank her for taking the time to come and speak to us.

Thanks as well to Marj Charlier, Treasurer of the DVWG, and co-presenter at the meeting. There was a good give and take between our speakers and the audience, which allows us to learn about the topic as well as each other. Below is the handout that Angela brought for us.

IBPA Standards 1

IBPA Standards 2


Some of us wondered at the meeting about the legal implications of forming our own publishing imprint. Angela Bole suggested the Self-Publisher’s Legal Handbook by Helen Sedwick, which is recommended by Joel Friedlander, also an authority in the publishing world. Finally, Guild member Leslie Bosher recommended this article relating to the recent tax law passed by Congress. Of course, we recommend you check with your own legal eagles to ensure you’re doing everything right.




Jim Hitt will be presenting a brief “Writing Tips” segment at upcoming meetings to help us all improve our writing. Jim taught English at the high school and community college levels, and is an award-winning author as well.

Jim kicked off this new feature with the topic of misplaced or dangling modifiers. Below is an example of this dread mistake. (For the complete document, click here.)

Misplaced Modifiers

Thank you, Jim, for upping our game.

Change in Future Lunch Location

Please be advised that, effective March, the Guild will have its after-meeting lunch at a new location. We’ll be gathering at Emilio’s for the foreseeable future. They have an extensive menu, and although they are a Mexican restaurant they also serve hamburgers and fish entrees. We expect there will be more space and convenience at this location, as well as fantastic food. It is exactly the same distance (1 1/2 miles) from the Hemet Library as Chili’s, although it is located northeast of the library. The restaurant has been in existence since 1983, and the management is excited about our choosing them for our lunches.



Next month we are fortunate to have the writing team of Jackie Hamilton and Miriam Pace, who write together as JM Jeffries (when they’re not writing solo. These women are busy!)

Jackie and Miriam 2

“J.M. Jeffries” is the award winning writing team of Jacqueline Hamilton and Miriam Pace. Authors of romantic suspense and romantic comedies, they can’t decide if they like killing people more than they like making them laugh. Miriam and Jackie have been writing together for years, though it seems longer on occasion when they are on deadline. Miriam thinks Jackie is a master manipulator. Jackie knows Miriam is a bulldozer. Miriam has a deep and passionate love for shoes, amber jewelry and purebred cats. Jackie collects red lipsticks, Animaniacs memorabilia and steals pens.

Together Jackie and Miriam have written dozens of romance novels and novellas. At this meeting, they’ll share writing strategies and tips for creating your own best-selling novel.

*Bring smelling salts and fans as needed.

Lynne Spreen

This blog post was prepared by Lynne Spreen, President of the DVWG. Lynne writes midlife fiction, because she believes we learn and grow continuously throughout our lives. You may access her website here and her books here.


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