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Follow CJ on the Pacific Crest Trail – Corrected Link!

CJ hiking 2014

A Book in the Making! Greetings to my friends at the Diamond Valley Writers Guild. I’ve had  requests for tracking information for my upcoming hike along the Pacific Crest Trail, which will hopefully become another book in my “CJ’s Outdoor Adventure Series,” on Amazon. 

Yes, I will be carrying a tracking unit on my backpack that will relay my progress in real time. Therefore, I can invite each and every one of you to come along with me as I attempt the first 224 miles of a journey slated to extend over a thousand miles.

All you have to do

is click on the link below and you can come visit me on my journey as it happens. The link takes you to a interactive Google Earth map which is best viewed on a computer rather than a smart phone. I suggest you select the “Satellite View” option so you can see all the details of the terrain.

You can zoom in

or out, jump ahead on the trail, or look behind at what has already been covered. It is astounding technology, and I encourage you to play around with it. Every 10 minutes my newest location will be posted, so you will be viewing the journey in real time as it unfolds.

Please save the link below,

or this post with the link on it. The same link should work for the entire trip. I look forward to all you cyber hikers joining me on this adventure! 
(The link will not become active until April 1st or later – assuming I’m able to depart on schedule.) For blog post updates, be sure to take a peek at my Facebook page. Thanks!

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