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Make Your Critique Group Great

july-4th-1481577_1280I was bummed to miss last month’s meeting on how to make the most of your critique group. Family will always come first, and something came up that kept me from our gathering. I’m glad to be a good daughter (and blessed, at age 62, to have my mom still around!) but I missed you folks.

It sounds like the meeting went well, though! Many thanks to CJ Hernley for filling in for me as the MC. I’m gratified by the continuing robust attendance, and the fact that more people are joining our Guild each month. Do you know that a dozen or so follow the meeting with lunch at a local restaurant? I heard they outgrew the Deli and have moved on to Chili’s by the Mall. That makes me really happy. Our goal in starting the Guild was simply this: to create a way for local writers to find each other and sit for a spell, yakking about the art and business of writing. This is happening!

At the June meeting, if you didn’t already receive a copy, I’ve attached our hastily assembled, hopefully helpful but by-no-means-perfect list of tips and tricks for belonging to or running a critique group. CLICK HERE to view or download the doc.

One of the comments I heard after the meeting was that the size of the critique group matters. Yes, I agree. I belong to a group with about a dozen members, which would be¬†too many if we all showed up at the same time but we don’t. With twelve members, we’ll always have a nice core of six-eight people at our meetings. However, once you get past a dozen, I think it could become unwieldy. It’s your call, but that’s my input, FWIW.

Happy Fourth of July, and I look forward to seeing you next month, when Ed Lopatin tells us how to choose a publishing option that won’t land you in the poorhouse! (For more information on that, click here.)

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