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Thanks to Tammy Salyer and Jonathan Yanez

Tammy and Jonathan

We had a blast at the April 23 meeting of the Diamond Valley Writers’ Guild. 

Best-selling sci-fi/fantasy authors Tammy Salyer and Jonathan Yanez shared tips for writing, managing your time, finding a cover artist, using social media (which networks and how much — the eternal questions), and other issues every writer deals with, regardless of genre.


george gurney

George Gurney, discussion moderator


George Gurney, who moderated our panel, brought great questions for Tammy and Jonathan and kept the discussion moving forward.

Personally, I was gratified at all the questions, and by the generosity of our panelists in sharing information with the audience. I found Tammy and Jonathan to be open, gregarious, self-effacing, funny, and inspiring. They work hard and care about quality. I read one book by each author in preparation for their talk, and I was delighted at the quality. Both were action-packed, entertaining reads. (I read Tammy’s Contract of Defiance and Jonathan’s Colossus of Rhodes.)

After the meeting, it seemed the entire group stuck around to visit and enjoy each others’ company. We had about forty attendees, and several were lined up waiting to speak with or buy books from our three authors. This makes me really happy. Our goal in establishing the Guild was to create a gathering place for people who love writing, and to see all of you interacting with each other and enjoying the camaraderie–very cool.

If you’re interested in checking out the books produced by Tammy, George, or Jonathan, click on their names within this post. Best wishes for your writing success, and see you in May. (This post contributed by Lynne Spreen.)

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