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Should You Have an Author Blog?

woman blogger

Writers are told they MUST have a blog, but I have some surprising news for you: Not every writer benefits from blogging. In fact, it can be downright counterproductive.

Blogging takes time. Most experts recommend you publish several times a week. If each post is 500 words, that’s the equivalent of a short chapter of your book.

Plus, blogging requires followup; if readers comment on the blog itself or the social media platforms where it’s automatically shared (an efficiency you’ll want to use), you’ll want to respond to their comments.

So is it worth it or necessary?

Opinions vary. Some say blogging is critical for non-fiction authors but less so for fiction.

And opinions change. As soon as a marketing device is shown to be productive, and everyone adopts it, the market becomes overwhelmed and less responsive to the hot new tactic.

For the latest thinking on the subject of author blogs, there’s no better authority than Jane Friedman, former editor of Writers Digest magazine and digital publishing expert. Here’s what she has to say on the subject.

What do you think? Leave a comment below.

Contributed by Lucia K Wolfer.



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