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That’s What I’m Talkin’ About

coffee-1276779_1920The March meeting was a great success. Our speaker, award-winning author Jim Hitt, was a hit. He shared helpful writing tips with his trademark speaking style: witty, smart, and kind. And here’s the best part.

The audience joined in, asking questions and sharing what they knew, too.

When we first envisioned the Guild, the founders wanted to create a place where writers could find each other. We knew you’re somewhere in our community, maybe working alone or with only a small critique group to encourage and support you. We wanted to create a meeting place where larger numbers of writers could gather, share information, visit with, support, and inspire each other.

So the idea was, let’s have a monthly meeting, with a topic and a speaker and a coffee-shop style discussion. We want our audience to ask questions during the presentation, to encourage interaction. And they did!

Any group can sit around, listen politely to a speaker, and go home, but that’s not our mission. We believe the most important thing is to visit with other writers. To hang out with those of us who are driven by the written word, to share our thoughts and dreams. To commune with those who know the moment when fingers fly across the keyboard seeming to be divinely inspired. Who answer the question, “Why do you write?” with “Why do I breathe?”

And that’s why we created the Guild.

See you next month. (This post was shared by Lynne Spreen.)

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