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Video link to March 27, 2021 Meeting


Editing our own work is a tricky proposition. Sometimes it’s helpful to know what you don’t know. To be aware of our own blind spots with regard to our writing. At this meeting, we were lucky enough to have an industry pro come and talk to us about the challenges of assessing and revising our own writing.


Video link to Feb. 27, 2021 Meeting

Writers write, but authors must also spread the word about their works. Most of us hold our noses and do it, but at this meeting, the wryly cheerful Fauzia Burke reassured us we could do our work and not hate it. In fact, we should do what makes us happy. This was delightful to hear. Read on for more.


Video link to Jan. 23, 2021 Meeting

Happy new year, everyone! You have a clean slate, lots of runway. Let’s get going and accomplish something writerly in 2021! (more…)

Video link to Oct. 24, 2020 Meeting

There’s something about being with a bunch of friends, united by our love of writing, even if we can’t be together in the same room. Our October meeting, the last of the year, was bittersweet, because we were unable to meet in person again, and it appears that’ll be the case for months to come.


Video link to Sept. 26, 2020 Meeting


Summer’s over and time is passing. Are your tired of watching the months go by with no new book under your belt? Frustrated by a lack of productivity? Do you envy those writers who crank out book after book while it seems to take you years to produce one? The Diamond Valley Writers’ Guild has a solution.


Video link to August 22, 2020 Meeting

Poetry evokes strong feelings in most folks…they’ll tell you they either love it or hate it. Wherever you are on the spectrum, you’ll enjoy this.


Video link to July 25, 2020 Meeting

Deciding where to start your story is one of the most important and challenging decisions you must make as a writer. Many readers, including editors and agents, determine within the first few sentences if your story is worth their valuable time.


Video link to June 27, 2020 Meeting

We’re in the dead center of the year and I do mean dead. The library’s closed, the pandemic’s gearing back up, and writers are stuck at home, unable to attend our monthly meeting in person. But fear not!


Video link to May 23, 2020 Meeting

Jonathan Maberry, award winning author and speaker


Meeting IRL is so pre-pandemic. Having our meetings via Zoom is expanding our reach and making our monthly meetings accessible to a broad swath of viewers. Who don’t even have to wear pants. If you missed the meeting featuring the amazingly knowledgeable and generous Jonathan Maberry, or want to review the recording, scroll down for the link.


Video link to April 25, 2020 Meeting


Writing is a solitary endeavor, so the writers of the San Jacinto Valley treasure our monthly meetings. Which is why we were discouraged when our March meeting was cancelled due to the fact that the Hemet Public Library is closed until further notice due to the coronavirus.