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Summary of Jan. 25, 2020 Meeting


So good to be back after our winter hiatus. The room was filled with joyful energy. (more…)

Summary of Oct. 26, 2019 Meeting

Big changes ahead! (more…)

Summary of Sept. 28, 2019 Meeting

At Guild meetings, we try to vary topics from month to month between matters of craft and those of business. At our September 28, 2019 meeting, we were pleased to learn about story structure from Guild Vice President Sandra Schuster-Hubbard. (more…)

Summary of August 24, 2019 Meeting


Did you have any idea you would end this meeting listening to a poem in Sanskrit set to music? Wasn’t it unexpected and beautiful?


Summary of July 27, 2019 Meeting


Our July meeting was one of the best ever. Was I surprised.


Summary of June 22, 2019 Meeting

Come on, be honest. Do you ever get bored with your own writing? If so, I hope you were at the June meeting of the Diamond Valley Writers’ Guild. (more…)

Summary of May 25, 2019 Meeting

There are as many different ways to get published as there are books, it seems. At our May meeting, Pam Sheppard spoke about getting noticed by publishers, agents, and readers. And she should know. (more…)